Kindling the Flames of Love

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When it comes to weddings, one very crucial aspect that often goes unnoticed are the lighting effects. The lighting sets the theme and the romantic mood for a wedding and it can be done in a number of different ways.

Ofcourse, we have all sorts of cameras and pre-arranged settings these days, but there is something that has not been explored too much in the Indian scenario – candles.

Although it is ever present in many of our occasions, the full potential of its numerous applications has yet to be explored in most weddings. Candles can be used in a number of innovate ways to enhance the elegance and beauty of a marriage ceremony or reception. Here are a few suggestions –

The Centrepiece

Candles can make wonderful centrepieces in both ceremonies and receptions. It can be used to emphasise the romance in a wedding when placed atop tables adorned with assortment of various red and white flowers interspersed with leaves. A candle in the centrepiece gives the impression of sanctity and radiates an aura of spirituality.

Scented Candles

Scented candles placed at certain strategic points in the event’s location can enhance the wedding experience for your guests in unimaginable ways. A good scent is often recollected and associated with a fulfilling and memorable experiences.

Hanging Lanterns

Candles in hanging lanterns, especially custom-made or crystal lanterns, are perfect for outdoor ceremonies as they give off a warm glow and a mystic look to the auspicious event.

Painted Jars and Bottles

Candles in painted jars and wine bottles can look pretty chic in a wedding setting. Its unorthodox and yet elegant enough to be an eye catcher for the guests. It is also relatively cheap to make and can be easily be hand crafted at home.


If you are tired of using plain and drab candle-holders and have seen them in one too many occassions, then try using candelabras for a change. Be it in rustic gold or shiny silver or shady bronze, the candelabras can not only help bring in a refreshing look but it can also give the impression of traditional values that many feel are the bonds that a make a wedding solemn.

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